About Lori

In third grade, someone asked Lori what she wanted to be when she grew up.  Her answer was an attorney and much of her life’s journey has centered around her work to achieve that dream.


During high school, Lori worked as a clerk in the Probation Office, and then while attending community college, she worked as a receptionist and then legal assistant in a criminal defense office.

After she graduated from college, Lori attended Texas Tech University Law School, and then came to Odessa to practice law for the Texas Attorney General’s Office in the Child Support Division.  As a member of the local legal community, her hard work and dedication to her job garnered the attention of others, and soon she was offered a position at the Atkins, Hollmann, Jones, Peacock, Lewis & Lyon law firm, where she is a now a partner and works in multiple areas but focuses on business law.

While it was not always glamourous, Lori started her education and understanding of our legal system on the ground floor and literally worked her way up.

While practicing law in Odessa, Lori met and fell in love with another local attorney, Trey Crutcher.  The two are married and have two daughters, Katie and Drew.

Throughout her career, Lori has been recognized for her dedication and high professional standing among her peers.  She is a Texas Bar Foundation Fellow, and Lori has served on the board of the Texas Association of Bank Counsel and as President of the Ector County Young Lawyers Association.

Lori is also heavily invested in Ector County and actively gives back to our community.  She is a former board member and former President of the Education Foundation of Odessa, former board member of West Texas Gifts of Hope, and currently serves on the Education Foundation of Odessa’s Advisory Council.