As a district judge, the task at hand is more about pragmatism and practicality than philosophy.  This job is about work.  Working through dockets, hearing cases, and rendering judgments in a fair, yet efficient manner.  I have a very conservative view of our justice system.


Our legal system is a necessary component of our society.  Those who preside over our courts must have integrity, be fair, impartial, and professional.  In any given case, there will be some who disagree with a particular verdict, but we need the very best conservative, common-sense judges to ensure that we do not lose faith in our justice system.



The cases that come before our district courts are disputes between parties.  Maybe it is the State versus a criminal defendant or maybe it is a civil dispute between businesses or individuals.  The job is to apply the law as it exists, not create new interpretations or legislate from the bench.  At the district court level, the job requires judges to follow the law as it exists.



Whether it is a criminal case or a civil case, long delays in our legal system can harm lives and financially drain individuals and businesses.  Those delays also run up the costs for taxpayers and take jurors away from their jobs and families.  I will work hard, every day, to make sure our dockets keep moving and that we provide justice in a swift and efficient manner.